My Soul Mission

Flower Remedy 

Since a few years I work with the Flower Remedies 
I work with nearly 200 Remedies from different areas in Germany and from all over the world.

Flower Remedies are as old as time. They have been around and used in one form or another by humans and healers for centuries all over the world

Dr. Edward Bach rediscovered this healing remedy approximately 80 years ago through the use of English flowering plants which were used to develop the Bach Flower Remedies that we know of today.

Flower Essences have a reputation for being incredibly quick acting and having a profound effect on the physical body. They are used to treat any number of situations, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.Flower Essences are an effective drug free solution for adults, children and even your pets. In fact they work extremely quick on children and animals and are completely pure and natural and free from any side effects.

Flower Essences are pure and natural. They are self adjusting to the needs of the individual taking them and you can not take too much or overdose. In some cases symptoms can appear more intense for a day or two after taking the essence which is part of the healing process. It indicates that the healing is taking place and symptoms will resolve soon. In these cases we would recommend that an individual either stop the remedy for a day or two or alternatively take the remedy more frequently – four or five times a day to speed up the healing process.

I only use flower essences from companys who produces their flower remedies from life flowers, herbs and trees, meaning the flowers are not torn or boiled.They bend the flowers into a glas and with the help of the sun, after hours, they produce the fine remedies.

I personally work with the Flowers from the mountains, the original 38 Flowers found by Dr. Bach and a few Bali Flowers.

I use different methods of finding the right combination for my clients and animals.
The results are spectacular, both,clients and animals love the positive change.

For quick results we offer already mixed Bottles, based on research and longtime expieriences
for people and animals.

The famous RESCUE Remedy is changed into a better solution than the origional Rescue.