My Soul Mission

Matrix - in- Harmony, the workshop

Quantum Healing with connection to the matrix based on the hawaian methods of the aborigine people, different healing methods from all over the world and the findings of quantum physics.

This one workshop contains the different tools of all three methods for you to work with.

Content of the workshop:

The method of healingby touching 2 points

Contact the pure consciousness

How to use the healing frequences

Positive Intentions

How to heal yourself, remote treatment

Practise with the other students

Quantum healing

Travel through times

You will learn the complete method of the quantum healing and practise with the other students in the group. After this workshop, you will be able to help others, work with the tools that you have learned in this workshop and give treatments to others.

 You will receive a certificate of participation in this workshop and the right to officially work with Matrix-in-Harmony

Workshop: 10am to 6pm