My Soul Mission

I am Uta Jadin,born in Hagen, Germany.
Together with my husband I have 4 children in the age of 17 years to 30 years and we are blessed with 2 wonderful grandchildren.

I now live and work in Trier,Germany ,which is close to the border of Luxembourg,France and Belgium.

I started my spiritual development about 14 years ago and never stopped learning since then.
I studied 3 years of spiritual healing, 3 years of animalcommunication and during those years I also studied Reiki, singing bowl massage and meditation, flower remedies, Quantum healing and lots more.

I love to help people and animals, but I also love to teach and help people finding their own way.
I teach in Germany, Luxembourg, Holland,Belgium, Mallorca(Spain) and starting in 2015 I also go to Colorado Springs (USA).

I love to read and that is a big part of my spiritual development.

I constantly expand my spiritual knowledge by visiting workshops of other spiritual teachers.

Amongst my many teachers are Penelope Smith, the great animalcommunicator from the USA and Jonette Crowley the founder of SoulBodyFusion from Denver/USA,different native american teachers and lots of different teachers from Europe.

I will be in Colorado Springs several times during the year, because that  my son and his family are living there.

If you will cross my way,I would love to be of service to you and help you to find , whatever you are looking for in the spiritual world.


Uta Jadin