My Soul Mission

I teach the following workshops:

1. Basiscourse of animalcommunication:

Two half days or one day; 185,- Euros

Special price only in the USA in 2011: 200,-USD

How to communicate with animals, the basic course

By Uta Devone

Find out, how animals communicate, how they understand human beings and what kind of possibilitys people have to understand them.

The basic course:

You will learn the basic of telepathic communication with animals. The course will teach you in what areas there is communication possible and how you already communicate with the animals.

You will learn  how animals communicate, how we understand them and what stops us from understanding their emotional, physical and spiritual experiences.

At the end of the course I will answer personal questions about your pets.

2. Practice and feel the animalcommunication

Two half days or one day; 160,- Euros

Special price only in the USA in 2011: 149,-USD

Practice the animalcommunication with feedback.We use all the tools from the basiccourse to get more secure in our communication.We will work with flowerremedies and learn about different methods that are out there on the market, to help our pets in need, when they are sick or hurt.
We look at how our pet is a mirror to our personal live.