My Soul Mission

Animalcommunication after Penelope Smith

Years ago I had the pleasure to meet Penelope Smith,when she came to Germany to teach her courses, to become a professional animalcommunicator.
I had read all of her books priar to her stay in Germany, so I was so happy to finally meet her in person.
I did not know it would change my life, my way of thinking, my way of dealing with people and animals and lots more.
I was able to spend nearly 2 weeks with her, had the pleasure of learning from her, and translating for her,when one of the interpreter got sick.
She taught me much respect for all that is around us, people,animals, nature and mother earth.
I am still deeply impressed after so many years and thankful for those days.

Me and Penelope, a few years ago.

My Philosiphie: We are all connected, we are all as one