My Soul Mission

This is my service for you:

You call me and we make an appointment,for a telephone consultation.If you want to,you can send me a photo of your animal.But I can connect also ,just by you describing your animal.

The first telephonecall mostly lasts 45 minutes to an hour.I take my job very seriously and take time for you and your pet.
I take all your information and the ones of your animal.Then you can ask me all the questions you have on your mind.Depending on the animal,most times the animal will answer the questions and add,what they like and or if they have a physical problem.

The first call will cost 50,-Euros/ 60,-USD

After the first call,sometimes there will be new questions,or there is something that you realised after the call.

The charge for that is 1,-Euro/ 1,50 USD per minute.

In some cases,they are very rare,I can come and visit your animal,if nessesary.

My job is to translate between the animal and you the owner.I always recomand in health questions a doctor or a natural working animal homoeopath.
I do not try to heal an animal,I leave that to the experts.I can recomand different doctors,animaltrainers and so on.

I also help in situations of runaway cats and dogs.If you contact me right away,there is a good chance to find the animal. I only charge, when your pet is found or comes back home.

The fee for that is :25,-Euros/ 30,-USD

If you have to say goodbye to your loved one,I offer to help you through these times.We can ask the animals what the last wishes are and make this as confortable as possible for you and your pet.